Kingsport Press Credit Union

The management of Kingsport Press Inc., and Holliston Mills Inc. felt the need to help their employees through the economic depression. By pooling resources together they could help one another. Permission to organize a credit union was granted and Kingsport Press Credit Union was organized and officially chartered by the Tennessee Secretary of State on November 23, 1930 as the first state-chartered credit union in an industry in Tennessee. Its purpose was to help satisfy the wants and needs of Kingsport Press and Holliston employees by promoting savings and making loans at reasonable rates of interest. Around 1960, Holliston Mills broke away to become an entirely separate credit union on their own.

Kingsport Press Credit Union relocated from a small office inside the plant to the current West Center Street facility in 1992. The first Church Hill Branch was constructed and became operational in 1982 adjacent to the plant; then relocating to the new Silver Lake facility in 2003. United Credit Union merged with us in 2001 providing us our United Branch on McKinney Avenue in Rogersville. Holliston Mills chose to merge back in with us in 2006 with our now operating their previous office in the Holliston LLC plant. Over the years, Kingsport Press Inc. was sold out numerous times and finally closed down. The Credit Union was strong and successful so continued on and now serves the whole community! No previous employment or affiliation with Kingsport Press or Holliston is required to open an account.

Phone: 800-748-9978
Fax: 423-378-5424

Address: 528 West Center Street
Kingsport, TN
Phone: 423-378-9292

Address: 755 Highway 11W
Church Hill, TN
Phone: 423-357-4962

Address: 102 North Sneedville Pike
Rogersville, TN
Phone: 423-272-8299


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