New Music Policy

Thank you for your interest in submitting music to 88.3 WCQR. Each week, WCQR makes a decision on what new music to add to our playlist. At WCQR, we constantly receive new music from Industry Record Companies, as well as new music from independent and local artists. Any given week, we may have 15-20 new songs to listen to and typically only one opening on our playlist, if that. The following is our New Music Policy:

  • All music submitted to WCQR must be submitted on CD. MP3’s are not accepted.
  • Due to time constraints, WCQR will never listen to a full project when considering a song for airplay. You must submit only one song off of your project for consideration.
  • If you are a local artist and are submitting music to WCQR for the first time, WCQR must receive appropriate bio information from you, as well as a written recommendation from your pastor. Also, you may only submit one song for airplay every four months.
  • WCQR is an Adult Contemporary Christian radio station, so the music submitted must be Adult Contemporary Christian, with no exceptions.
  • WCQR listens closely for production values of new songs submitted and those production values must be consistent with the songs currently being played on WCQR.
  • Does the song being submitted fit the current musical needs of WCQR (style, tempo, etc.)? This decision is made by the WCQR Program Director.
  • Does the song match the overall mission of WCQR? This decision is also made by the WCQR Program Director.

We do appreciate your interest in submitting your song to WCQR. WCQR reaches 45,000 people each week, and you’ll understand why it’s important for WCQR to play the right songs, it’s something that we take very seriously. Send your song to:

88.3 WCQR
PO Box 8039
Gray, TN 37615

For more information call 888-477-5676

Please keep in mind that once a CD is submitted for consideration, it becomes the property of 88.3 WCQR and will not be returned.

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