Kim Hingers

Saturday Host

I’m Kim and I’m from all over. I’ve lived in five different states (Ohio, Michigan, Florida, California & Tennessee). My late husband, Jim, & I moved here in 1995. He worked as a Surgical Assistant & I came to work for Mountain Region Donor Services (the organ & tissue donor center–sign up today!:). Sadly, Jim passed away in 2003 from a ruptured brain aneurysm. Six months later, I sent WCQR a press release for work and I did an interview on the WCQR afternoon show. A couple of weeks later, WCQR offered me a job as a weekend DJ! WCQR has been so important in my life. Jim & I were in a praise band & drama team (with our girls) at church so we would always listen to the station & got lots of ideas for music.

Working here has helped me keep God at the center of my life and has allowed me to grow spiritually through the darkness & dryness of my grief journey. When I was so overcome with loss that I couldn’t study or worship or even pray, Jesus was always there through the music. God is good & he provides!