Speak Life

Sometimes it’s the words we say that can Speak Life into someone. Now more than ever we need to Speak Life into others. Send a note of love and encouragement to a nursing home patient, an elderly person in their home, or a mom or dad  who at this time is acting as mom or dad, teacher, provider, entertainer, etc at this time. You choose who you will Speak Life into. 

Speak Life is our way to spread Hope and Encouragement where needed. Look for Speak Life at all WCQR events to write a quick note. These notes can let people know you are praying for them, thinking about them, or just provide some extra encouragement for the day.

You can print a Speak Life letter below and mail to anyone you choose or you can write your note and send it back to WCQR P.O. Box 8039, Gray, TN 37615 and we will make sure your note gets to someone who needs encouragement. 

Print a Speak Life Page Here

We are so thankful for Barberitos for joining us as our Speak Life Sponsor.