Volunteers needed at Sullivan County Vaccine Sites

Volunteers needed at Sullivan County Vaccine Sites

While supply shortages are the main struggle with COVID-19 vaccine distribution, health departments also need more volunteers for the massive effort.

Dr. Stacey McKenzie has been helping with Sullivan County’s distribution for a week now. She’s excited to be part of history.

Medical Reserve Corps volunteers like Dr. McKenzie have helped throughout the pandemic with everything from testing to screening people for symptoms, but just 10 people are administering vaccines at Bristol Motor Speedway and another five in Kingsport. More than twice as many are needed.

“We really do need more volunteers to come out, just because this is probably the most critical and most important part of our COVID-19 response,” Medical Reserve Corps coordinator Kinley Reed said.

There are also opportunities for people without medical experience to direct traffic and get people registered. It’s difficult when health departments get less than a day’s notice that a new shipment is coming.

You can sign up as a Medical Reserve Corps volunteer online.