WCQR wants to focus on kids “doing good” in our community – from organizing an event to help others or just pitching in to make our community great!

This month, we are honoring Emma Ibsen

Emma is a SUPER busy 8-year-old! She volunteers many hours with SMILE foster care closet in Kingsport, and spends several hours each month sorting clothes, packing bags, and collecting donations for foster children in Northeast Tennessee. Emma helps other children make the transition into foster care a little easier by giving them bags of clothes, toys, books, and other items.

Emma also uses her allowance money to buy Bibles for the Blessing Box project at Waverly Road Presbyterian Church in Kingsport. 

We are thankful for Emma and SuperKids everywhere in the Tri-Cities!

You can contact SMILE at (423) 491-5891 if you have a foster care need or would like to donate to SMILE.


Do you know a Super Kid? This could be your child, a family member, a friend, or a child who’s impressed you. Whether it’s pre-school or high school age, we want to tell others about them!

Tell us about your Super Kid – what they’re doing and who they’re helping.

WCQR Super Kid

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