Kindness counts…and we’re still counting! At the beginning of February 2022, 88.3 WCQR challenged you and your community to perform acts of kindness – 883 to be exact. And you went above and beyond! Which made us think…how many acts of kindness can be done? A thousand? Ten thousand? How about twenty-five thousand?

In December 2022, your WCQR celebrated a milestone of 25 years of Christian radio ministry and we want to continue our mission to inspire YOU to live passionately for Jesus Christ. So keep the acts of kindness coming! Let us know what you’re doing, and we’ll add your act of kindness to the count.

WCQR Kicks Off 2022 Popsicles in the Park at Warriors Path State Park in Kingsport!

Families and kids painted close to one hundred kindness rocks to hide in Kingsport to support WCQR’s Acts of Kindness Project.

  • Anonymous from Fall Branch: Giving up being next when new checkout lane opened up to a mom with two young children.
  • Anonymous from Unicoi: My mother-in-law is by herself. Her husband passed away 4 months ago. I took her out & treated her to her favorite place to eat.
  • Tennessee Avenue Christian Academy from Bristol: Our fourth and fifth graders went to the park on Valentine’s Day and gave out bags of valentine goodies for our homeless friends in our community! This is an ongoing effort to instill in our students that being kind is a LIFESTYLE.
  • Anonymous from Lebanon, VA: I’m a bus driver for special needs kids. For Valentine’s Day I’m giving each child on my bus route a box of candy and also the siblings to each of these children will get a box of candy. I love working with special needs kids. They will just grab your heart.
  • Anonymous from Surgoinsville: My co-worker knew I wanted to try a certain type of coffee and the next day, she had put some on my desk. I was so excited. It was little but made my day!
  • Anonymous from Limestone: This is actually an act of kindness someone did for me! I went into the phone store to trade my phone in to get credit for it. Unfortunately, I still had a $60 balance left to pay but I had lost my job and was strapped for cash. The gentleman that was working at the phone store, probably in his 20’s, paid the left over $60 dollars out of his pocket for me and I was blown away. So blessed and thankful and I just wanted to give him a shout out!
  • Christy from Johnson City: I am trying to teach my young kids acts of kindness, so we added “do a random act of kindness or show consideration” to their chore chart. Each time they do one, they get a star. Yesterday, my 5 year old heard my 8 year old crying. He asked if she was OK and told her he would let her watch her favorite show on TV if it would make her feel better. The 8 year old saw me cleaning all day Saturday, so she created me a spa day that night. She gave me a mani and pedi. They also open doors for people when we are out, pick up granny’s cane, help carry in groceries amongst other things.
  • Greg from Johnson City: I helped someone this morning with their dead battery on their car
  • Anonymous from Elizabethton: I saw a homeless man at a stop sign I came to and handed him an unopened bottle of water in my car. He was so grateful & appreciative that I stopped at the first food place I saw and bought him a meal and took it back to him. It gave me the idea that I am going to carry around prepared small bags with a bottle of water, tract, socks & snack of some sort to hand out, or other items.

Town: Nickelsville, VA

Story: We took 3 girls from our American Heritage Girls Troop VA-1061 to Maple Grove nursing home in Lebanon Va. where we delivered handmade Valentine cards, home baked cookies and visited with the residents via window. All the residents seemed thrilled to see the girls and we held up signs and waved to remind them that they are loved!

  • Matthew from Bluff City: I work at the rehab in Bristol. I tell the patients that I am praying for them and sometimes they want me to pray with them in the room.
  • Anonymous from Meadowview:  Paid for someone’s breakfast this morning in the drive-thru. I hope it blessed their day!
  • Anonymous from Abingdon: I was the 4th person in line at the pharmacy. An elderly gentleman was getting in line behind me. I told the gentleman he could get in front of me. It seemed like he was having trouble walking and I didn’t want him to have to stand in the longer than he had to.
  • Anonymous from Roan Mountain: I received an act of kindness. I lost my wallet at my local grocery store. I returned to the store that evening, no luck. When I got home, I went to get the mail and my wallet was in my mailbox! I praised the Lord many times that day. I want to thank the person who done it for their kindness.
  • Anonymous from Erwin: Our 16 year old daughter voluntarily packed her 14 year old brother’s lunch this morning!
  • Anonymous from Unicoi: I took an elderly lady’s shopping cart back to the store for her. She was getting ready to take it back & I asked her if I could get that for her. It put a smile on her face.
  • Jane from Tedford: Go out and spread the gospel and giving to the needy.
  • Anonymous from Bristol: Volunteered at Second Harvest Food Bank
  • Anonymous from Mt. Carmel: Drive Thru Difference at Pal’s
  • Anonymous from Gray: Paid for the person’s breakfast behind me in the drive thru.
  • Anonymous from Jonesborough: Left our server a $60 tip for our birthday dinner.
  • Anonymous from Chilhowie: Someone paid for her drink at Sonic in the drive thru.
  • Anonymous from Johnson City: Doing a Facebook fundraiser for homeless cats in the Carver Community in JC which will be donated to the Washington Co. TN Animal Shelter and Operation Johnson Kitty.
  • Morrison School in Bristol:  School is doing class service projects. Middle school students created a Christmas carol video and care packages for the residents on Dominion Senior Living.  Elementary students made dental kits for the children served by Healing Hands Health Center.  High School students conducted a food drive for Haven of Rest Rescue Mission.  Primary Students are collecting pet food and supplies for Petworks.

Town: Johnson City, TN

Story: It’s Valentine’s Day. We spent a night away in a hotel in Pigeon Forge. My daughter & I wanted to leave a nice note & tip for whoever cleaned our room after we checked out.

Town: Mendota, VA

Story: 10 year-old Cooks Breakfast for Tired Mama. When I returned from dropping 2 of my children off at school, I found my (still quarantined) 10 year-old, Rebecca, making me breakfast! She knew I would be tired from the trip as I’m still dealing with fatigue from Covid.


Town: Bluff City, TN

Kindergarten Class Creates Cards For Local Nursing Home

  • Mary from Johnson City: Volunteering at AppCAA Tax Preparation Services provides free tax preparation to help people in Southwest Virginia and surrounding areas.
  • Shirley from Jonesborough: Buying someone breakfast on a Sunday morning and leaving it hanging on their front door.
  • Marc from Kingsport: Paid for a police officer’s meal
  • Anonymous from Colonial Heights: I witness a random act of kindness at my eye doctor’s office. An elderly man did not have enough money to pay for his glasses and a very sweet lobby in the lobby heard him and offered to pay for his glasses and he accepted her offer. Such a blessing to witness this.
  • Kimberly from Kingsport: In honor of my late father’s birthday, we have been holding “Random Acts for Ralph” on February 4th for the past 4 years in a row. Today, we ate out for lunch and left the waitress a $100 tip on a $25 meal.

Town: Elizabethton, TN

Students and staff at Unaka Elementary take a post-it with a “random act of kindness”, perform the act of kindness, and the post it will be replaced with a bee. The goal is to cover the board with bees, representing random acts of kindness!!