Weekday Morning Show For Kids and Parents

Weekday Morning Show For Kids and Parents

Providence Academy Hosts Weekday Morning Show

The Knight Show Except in the Morning

On Friday, March 27, Providence Academy will begin weekday broadcasting of a thirty-minute morning show called The Knight Show Except in the Morning.  This show will coincide with the Providence Academy transition from a traditional classroom format to an online format.  The show will be broadcast each weekday from 9-9:30 AM.  The purpose of the show will be as follows:

  • Provide a sense of structure, stability, and security for children and families during this time of rapid change.
  • Provide a common community experience.
  • Provide a platform for weekday communication that highlights hope, education, and joy.


The format of the show will include 30 minutes of communication, light-hearted humor, educational segments, and occasional community service messages.  In a time of rapid change and the interruption of our daily structure, The Knight Show will provide a consistent portal of encouragement that will provide a fun routine for starting the day.


Ben Holland, Providence Academy Head of School, will host The Knight Show, and the primary viewing audience will be young Providence elementary students and their parents.  However, older Providence students, as well as other students and families, in our community will benefit from starting their day with The Knight Show.


Join us forThe Knight Show , beginning at 9:00 A.M., at www.theknightshowlive.com.

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