Tennessee – Healthy Business Certification Course

Tennessee – Healthy Business Certification Course

The Tennessee Chamber is partnering with local businesses to go above and beyond the Tennessee Pledge.

A three-hour optional online course is available right now where businesses can receive a healthy business certificate and an approved infectious disease plan.

As the state gradually reopens, the lessons discussed in the course are approved by the CDC and OSHA guidelines.

So far more than 150 businesses throughout the state have signed up.

“Our local chambers of commerce across the entire state, whether it’s Kingsport, Bristol, Johnson City are valuable members to us and we use their connections in local communities to offer and partner to provide programs for businesses,” says Tennessee Chamber President and CEO Bradley Jackson.

In addition, the Tennessee Chamber is offering local businesses a chance to purchase small amounts of PPE.

More details here: https://www.tnchamber.org/healthy-business-certification